wtorek, 2 lutego 2010

1st beginner

Yesterday a first real beginner came to train on my class. No Aikido before, more! No Martial Arts before. So it was  interesting experience for me as a teacher, beginner in that role. I taught basic ikkyo and nikkyo and some very basic ukemi. My new student said that he will come again  next week, we will see. 
Apart my classes and occasional trainings in Lodz, I train now with Mr Sylwester Skalski from Ugoki Club. If everything work out well for me I train four times a week, but unfortunately to catch up with intensity of training in RSK I would have to train at least eight times a week.
As to how am I? I'm happy with my beautiful wife. Still out of work, winter is a funny time to look for one of those.
All the best to you all, Piotr.

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