piątek, 22 stycznia 2010

After four weeks in Poland

Welcome my dear little cheeky monkeys!
So here I am, back in Poland and its reality, witch sucks but at least winter is nice, frosty, snowy and really cold.
I'm still looking for a job, sending my CV's and waiting for non-coming responses. Well "...This is the live...".
Now a bright side, yes there is a bright side. I started my Aikido club teaching once a week now due to very small class but I hope we change that soon. Class starts on Monday at 8:30 pm till 10 pm if anybody is interested ;) and it is in Zduńska Wola, ul. Dąbrowskiego in a gym. Another bright that shine through all darks name is Kasia, my wife and like in the song "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" just my live. ;)
So stay in touch, I will.

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